Severn Budapest tour video by Vague Skate Mag

March 19, 2018

You might have had the chance to meet the Severn Goods crew last summer when they spent a little time here in Budapest to film their latest edit, but if not get ready! Brought to you by Vague Skate Mag, in their latest offering you can see the squad ripping through the streets of our capital hitting both landmark spots and hidden gems in the city.


The video was created by Sirus F Gahan and you can catch the following Severn riders in it: Charlie Munro, James Silver, Manny Lopez, Conor Charleson, Will Creswick and Joe Coward.



Vague Skate Mag is a fairly new magazine out of Britain. The quality is next level along with the great articles and photos they publish. Their motto hits very close to our hearts too: “Skateboarding, Art, Breweries and the rest”. As a perfect example of their amazing content check out the photos from Severn’s Budapest trip in their latest, third issue!




As we are all fans and supporters of printed skateboard media, you will soon find Vague in Medium as well!

We won’t only have the first three issues of the mag, but also a selection of their Vague T-shirts with artworks from various local artists. Stay tuned!





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