Privacy policy

Disclaimer: This is a translation from our Hungarian Privacy Policy. The Hungarian text shall be legally binding. All contracts are subject to Hungarian law. The actuality and liability of the text translated to English is not guaranteed.

The data you provide is stored by Drop and Roll Kft. exclusively for the purpose of completing an order, provide subsequent proof of the order conditions or sending a newsletter. We will not disclose your information to third parties, except contractors subcontracted to perform the contract, (for example a courier service) who does not have the right to use, store or transmit the data received from Drop and Roll Kft. in any form. In handling your data, we act in accordance with Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Public Data.

Ownership of information

We declare that Drop and Roll Ltd. owns the information displayed on our pages. The content and design of Drop and Roll pages are protected by international and Hungarian laws. It is also forbidden to sell or reproduce any information or articles displayed. We reserve all further rights to the published material and, if necessary, to enforce it in court.

Anyone who registers in our webshop, considers, accepts and agrees to our privacy statement.

Name of the service provider: Drop and Roll KFT.

Headquarters of the Service Provider: 1085 Budapest Mária utca 11 fsz/2.

The contact details of the service provider: info@mediumskate.com.

Service Registry Number:

Tax number of the service provider: 25447307-2-42

Registering authority name:

Telephone number of the service provider: +3630 776 8892

Privacy registration number:

Language of the contract: Hungarian

Name of the hosting provider: BlazeArts Kft.

Address of the hosting provider: 6090 Kunszentmiklós, Damjanich u. 36. 1/8

E-mail address of the hosting provider: admin@forpsi.hu.

The hosting provider’s website is www.forpsi.hu.