Terms of purchase


Disclaimer: This is a translation from our Hungarian Privacy Policy. The Hungarian text shall be legally binding. All contracts are subject to Hungarian law. The actuality and liability of the text translated to English is not guaranteed.

Select a product

Customers can choose and order products from the store. The customer can view more details about an item when clicking on the selected product. If you intend to buy a product, you will have to put the product you want to purchase into a virtual basket by pressing the “Add to cart” button. Click on “View cart” to view all items put in the shopping cart, the total amount of the invoice and the shipping costs. Here you can verify your order, especially regarding prices and quantities, which you can modify if needed. The basket automatically calculates the total amount of the order.

Submit your order

Once the amount of items placed in your basket is checked and verified along with the total amount and you wish to proceed with the purchase simply click on the “Checkout” button. There you will have the option to choose whether you want to sign in as a previously registered customer, want to register as a new customer or want to purchase without registration.

If you have already created an account enter the login and password you entered during registration. If you would like to register as a new customer enter the information required during sign up, which our system will store and sign in to your newly created account to complete the purchase. If you do not wish to register simply enter your billing and shipping address when completing the purchase.

The next step is to choose the right shipping method (personal pick up or courier service) and payment method (cash, credit card, etc.). If you wish to complete the order, click on the “Order” button to submit.
Attention! In case of personal pickup, we can store the ordered product for up to 5 business days. After the expiration of 5 days the product will be returned to our stock.


Our prices listed at the time of order are to be found next to the products in the webshop. Prices include VAT, but do not include shipping costs. The shipping costs are listed during the checkout process along with the other conditions of purchase.
If there is an error in the webshop for any given product or the prices listed, we reserve the right to make corrections. In such case, we will immediately inform the customer about the new data after the error is detected or modified. The buyer can then confirm the order again, or it is possible for any party to withdraw from the contract.

Processing orders

Orders are processed within 24 hours.

Possibility to amend customer data entry errors

You may have the opportunity to correct the customer data entry errors before pressing the “Order” button.


All orders will be confirmed via e-mail. This means that after the order has been processed, you receive an automatic email containing the receipt of the purchase and (later) the expected delivery dates.

Payment Terms

In our store there is a possibility of collection in person or collection on delivery. In the latter case, the full purchase price must be paid to the consignor of the shipment along with the shipping costs.


The deliveries are completed by courier service. The delivery time of the products purchased is described in the webshop during the checkout process and is included in the confirmation e-mail. Feel free to contacts us regarding the delivery date via the contact information in the confirmation of purchase.

Withdrawal from completion

If the webshop  does not fulfill its contractual obligation because it does not have the goods specified in the contract or the ordered service can not be provided, it is obliged to inform the customer thereof. The webshop does not contract with minors. By accepting the terms of purchase the customer declares to be of age.

Returning the Product

The product is to be returned only in its original condition and in its original packaging, in full quantity and quality. When exercising the right of withdrawal, the customers must return the product at their own expense. The product in withdrawal can not be returned by collection on delivery. In the event of a withdrawal, we may demand from the consumer compensation for damages resulting from misuse of the goods. In addition, the buyer is not charged any other costs with respect to the cancellation.

Right of withdrawal / Return guarantee

The customer can withdraw from the contract within eight working days without reason. The customer may exercise the right of withdrawal from the day when the goods were collected. The seller is obliged to refund the amount paid by the customer immediately, but not later than thirty days after the withdrawal.

The customer shall bear the costs of returning the goods due to the exercise of the right of withdrawal. In addition, the customer will not be charged any other costs. However, the seller may claim reimbursement of damage resulting from misuse of the goods. If the goods returned on the basis of the right of withdrawal are unimpaired and re-sold, then the customer is liable for compensation of the deterioration, or other inadequacies in the condition of the goods, caused intentionally or negligently.

The full text regarding Government Decree Section 17/1999 on the exercise of the right of withdrawal can be downloaded from the website of the Hungarian National Consumer Protection Authority.

Ownership clause

The goods delivered will remain the property of the supplier until the full payment of the purchase price is completed.

Modify or delete an order

According to the Decree 2001 CVIII: The vendors’ webshop software immediately informs the buyer of the fact that the order is placed. This notice is not a contract concluded between the seller and the buyer. It only indicates to the buyer that the ordering requirements have been fulfilled, registered and forwarded to the competent employee of the seller.

If the buyer does not receive this within 48 hours, the buyer’s bidding restrictions will be terminated.

The seller will be able to withdraw the order by electronic means until the order commences. Upon commencement of the order, the buyer will be notified by email and / or telephone of the expected duration of the performance and the fact of commencement of performance, and then only in person or through one of the contact details found under “Customer Service” or “Contact” can the order be withdrawn.

Post-modification of the order may only be made in writing, fax or by e-mail.